How Application development business is growing

Mobile app development and Android app development has brought a trend in the market of technology. Earlier it Apple which had established it power in the market with its excellent unique features. However it was not affordable for a common person. But this situation has been completely changed by arrival of Android apps which captured the interest of people in the market. Android supports creativity Continue reading


Growing demand of WordPress?

The amount of popularity achieved by WordPress as a content management system is remarkable by several parameters. More than fifty percent of the top 10,000 club of the websites is occupied by the wordpress bloggers alone, more than 65 percent are already featured in the top 10 million group, and all these numbers are accelerating steeply with thousands of bloggers signing up each day for this amazing service. Continue reading

How web application development companies help grow online business?

Strong online presence is the need of the hour for any business to flourish in the technological advanced world of today where a potential customer base is available on the web. Now the first step that goes into the process of luring the customers online is to have an attractive, user-friendly website (in addition with the web applications that are an integral part of your entire web development process). Continue reading

How Mobile application development companies are growing?

We all have experienced the rapid growth of the mobile phone industry in the past decade. From Smartphones to Operating systems to mobile applications, you just name the domain, and you’ll find several giant brands fighting hard for the market share. Not only the big companies but even the small and new companies are growing strength to strength to make a dime out of the booming mobile phone industry Continue reading